About Me

I have been an outdoor enthusiast from the first day my eyes opened. I have a family legacy of hunting and fishing, with my mother fueling my passion for angling. Our last photo of her is with a 2 lb. largemouth caught in my brother’s lake in Florida at 92 years young. I earned my master’s degree from Fort Hays State University with a thesis on the biology of swift foxes. I have wasted half my life training dogs and gunning various fowl species over them and will certainly tarnish my remaining time on earth with the same fool’s addiction. My stories and photos have been published in many forums including American Waterfowler, Water N Woods, Sportsmans News and newspapers and blogs the world over. I am involved with numerous conservation organizations listed on this site and encourage everyone to invest your time and money to preserve and protect the access and outdoor opportunities this wonderful country offers.

I am committed to providing relevant, accurate updates, regardless of the negative aspects or positive connotations. Send me a note; I value your opinion and might include it in this blog.scan0064