Outdoor Writers Association of America, 2014

Outdoor Writers Association of America

Dave Zumbaugh and Bill Graham, President of OWAA

I was fortunate to attend the Outdoor Writers Association of America conference in McAllen, Texas recently. There are many unique and exciting venues in far south Texas from fishing to bird watching. I also had a great time testing out firearms at the Lozano Shooting Range. Thanks to Browning, Smith and Wesson, Bushnell and Savage for allowing us to sample their wares via live fire demonstrations.



Reception Night

Many interesting and useful seminars were presented that will be helpful to me building my platform and improving my material. One very interesting session was a group promoting conservation, The Sage Grouse Initiative. A grim story on a magnificent game bird species.



Brent Frazee (3rd from left) won an award for a fishing story in the Kansas City Star on Chester Pew, “still catching the big ones”. He also received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the OWAA.


Dave Zumbaugh breaking clay targets with Winchester SX3 Sporting (photo by Lefty Chapa)


Bruce Cochran (on left) won an award for a waterfowling cartoon. Sam Caldwell of Kingwood, Texas also received an award for his illustrations.

I also met many new friendly writers, photographers and media experts willing to offer advice and encouragement. A wonderful, educational experience to be thankful for.