Saint Hubert

This site is dedicated to providing relevant information about outdoor pursuits, fair and ethical chase and the harvest and consumption of nature’s bounty. It is inspired by my confirmation patron saint, one of the first known sportsmen.

Saint Hubert was born in 656 and died in 727 near present day Brussels, Belgium. He is the Christian Saint of hunters and their sporting dogs. Hubert was the eldest son of wealthy Duke Aquitaine and was thus accustomed to the finer things life offered in those times. He was addicted to the “chase”, especially stag hunting. Legend has it that on Good Friday, when the faithful were crowding churches, Hubert sailed forth to the chase. As he was pursuing an impressive stag, the animal deliberately turned to face Hubert, revealing a magnificently glowing crucifix between its towering trophy antlers. He then heard the Lord’s voice tell him,

“If you do not begin to leadeth a holy life, you shall quickly go down into hell”.

Hubert immediately renounced all his honors and wealth, became a dedicated priest and served the church for many decades. Ironically, he established the foundations for the city of Liege and became the first Bishop of that area. Liege has been a famous firearms manufacturing center for centuries. His feast day is the 3rd of November, at the peak of hunting seasons in North America. Myth also professes that he died after taking a fall in a fishing boat in his elder years and succumbed to an infection from a badly broken leg.