Somewhere In Wyoming


View from the back door of lodging


Fish loved the leech pattern

The proud month of April could not make up its mind whether to cling to perpetual winter or “to open”, or start anew as per the Latin definition. I wade fished one day in blowing snow, but the following 24 hour period turned out to be the mildest, sunny day of 2014 in Wyoming. Regardless of the contrast, the fishing was world-class and will not soon leak out of my memory.  Even though the water temperature hovered just over 30 degrees the pre-spawn was starting and the fish were hungry.

I was fortunate to share a float boat with Amber Leberman, editor of Wyoming Wildlife and we were lucky on the timing of this trip, catching various rainbow, cutthroat and hybrid subspecies.  The gorgeous scenery and light-green flowing waters were enough to swear an oath to put this on a calendar every year. The exact location shall remain confidential, until further discussions over an adult beverage; you are buying!


Species variation was dramatic between male / female and rainbow / cutthroat