What Is The Leading Cause Of Death In Men Over 50?


What is the leading cause of death in men over 50? T H E M S E L V E S !!
Yup, that’s right. Not going to the Doc regularly, eating crappy meals, not exercising or forgetting to take medications will have unfavorable consequences. NOW is the time to correct the trend. Stand up, move out and quit watching reruns of Duck Dynasty (and tell Phil and Willie I told you that).
Summer is the perfect time to get on a bicycle and put in some miles. A decent bike costs about the same as a good shotgun and is worth every penny: $1,000. For all you an ex-football stars there is no “bad knees” excuse; cycling is easy on joints and has proven to rapidly increase endurance. Thirty minute walks around the block once a week with Momma, are not going to prepare you for day long treks through CRP fields in November!
Have a community pool nearby? Show off your cougar-like physique to the teenage lifeguards and swim some laps when you get off work or on weekends. You will be surprised by how quickly you can progress and your body will thank you.
After 50, you cannot rely on the “The older I get, the better I was” syndrome any longer. Those days are gone and ain’t never coming back. You are over the hill and can only slow the slide down the slope. So put up a ferocious fight.images


Home Made Peach Pie


Think Kansas Is Flat? Come On Over For A Tour


Mota, Guarding the Patio “Maters”

What better time than summer to change your diet? Farmer’s Markets are full of the best organically grown produce God ever made for us to gorge on. Dump the donuts Homer and eat some peaches! Set a goal to shed some pounds and stick with it. Your knees, hips and back will thank you over and over.IMGP0375
Cut back on the Pabst Blue Ribbon and 90 proof amber elixirs and replace them with a jug of the best California red grape juice you can afford. One glass at dinner will remind you how the other half lives and will make your heart happy. A happy heart is a very, very good thing.
Some other ideas to consider:
Take an 80 grain aspirin daily
Check your blood pressure at least once a week
Know what your PSA is? Why not? (If you do not know what PSA stands for go see a Doc!!!)
Work on your balance; jump rope, hop on the grandkids trampoline or get a Bosul Ball
Ride your bike to “road” the bird dog; he needs to get out of the kennel too!
Good luck. See you outdoors.